Sexual preference hindering adoption

It’s the new millennium, so why are we still living in the past?

It’s time to get over all problems, issues and grievances concerning gay/lesbian parents. Just like us, they are human beings with feelings. In my opinion, I believe they should have the right to adopt.

Why would you give your child up and then demand that child be placed in a heterosexual family?

You’ve just given up all rights to your child! From that day forward, whatever happens to him or her no longer concerns you.

So far, the arguments against homosexuals adopting are, “It’s not right,” “It’s morally incorrect,” or “God says it’s wrong.” So you’d rather have an unwanted, unloved child be raised in the system for 18 years of his/her life?

Besides, in a heated argument such as this, you can’t argue what God says or how He feels.

If you haven’t realized it yet, you’re not God.

Florida, Mississippi and Utah are the only states in the nation that bar same-sex adoption. According to the Miami Herald, 3,000 children in Florida alone are waiting for loving, nurturing families.

I’ve seen firsthand what happens to these kids in foster homes. They are abused, used for the checks they bring in and moved around from home to home.

One day, a family comes along to adopt that child and is denied because their sexual preference isn’t what ‘America’ considers right.

Homosexuals are just as capable of raising kids as are heterosexuals.

Why does it even matter if the adopting parent is gay or straight?

All children need unconditional love, and if these individuals are willing to accept and love this child, I’m all for it. Besides, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children with homosexual parents grow up the same way as children with heterosexual parents. They also grow up with no identity confusion.

There was a time when blacks weren’t even allowed to adopt. Now, in the year 2002, we can actually say we don’t approve of gays/lesbians adopting kids.

I want everyone to think about something.

If you were that child with no home and no parents, would it matter if the people who wanted to adopt you were gay or lesbian?

They’re opening up their heart and home to you. I don’t know anyone who would choose living in a biased system for 18 years over living in a loving home.

Erica Dickens, (age) is a junior social work major from Miami. She can be reached at