New Briefs

StatePalm Beach County votes again Ocean Ridge residents tested out new touch-screen voting machines Tuesday. By touching a finger to a computer screen, voters marked individual choices from five candidates campaigning for two city commission slots. Palm Beach County is replacing the infamous butterfly ballot with the machines. The ballot was employed most recently in the 2000 presidential election. Some voters complained the ballots were misleading, causing them to cast votes for Pat Buchanan instead of Al Gore.

National U.S. mulling attack against Iraq President Bush is considering military action against Iraq to overthrow President Saddam Hussein’s regime. Unnamed sources suggested the U.S. military would act unilaterally if necessary, foregoing the coalition-building employed during the Gulf War and the recent Afghanistan campaign.

NationalSuspect tells Pakistan police Pearl is alive Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl is still alive, according to a suspect in his kidnapping.