Marching 100 plays on

I read a column in the Famuan a while ago. The topic was that the band deserved the same penalties as other Greek organizations or vice versa. I do believe that the band should be punished for the crimes they committed.

I agreed with most of the column. The writer made many good points. The deciding factor however, is money. No other organization on FAMU’s campus could bring as much money to the university as the band can. Yes, it is wrong that some organizations get punished harsher than others. You should know that FAMU is not going to suspend their biggest moneymaker. It’s sad to say, but the band is the ultimate power on FAMU’s campus.

They get away with more than they should and they are almost considered untouchable, which makes it worse. Besides, in this recent hazing incident, I have yet to see the band be severely punished for what they did.

As far as Mr. Morgan goes, he was okay with me until I found out he was a member of a certain organization that is currently suspended. It sounds to me like someone is just bitter for their organization’s mistakes.

Nathaniel Marshall, 22, is a senior chemical engineering major from Ocala.