Integration proves unprofitable for blacks

In spite of what you may believe, we are a powerless people. Question: How do you make black people function as slaves in the information age? Well, it’s really simple. Just make oppression feel good. Let slavery look, smell, taste and feel intoxicating to the senses and you’ve got slaves for generations to come.

When are we going to face this reality?

Ladies and gentlemen, when it is all said and done, we are still in submission to the murderer of our forefathers and mothers, and that’s that. The advances that we have made in the last 40 years have only been advancements as consumers.

We can spend money where we couldn’t spend it before, and simultaneously, we are used in advertising more than before.

These advancements look, feel, sound and taste like freedom, but they are not. In capitalism, consumers are the ultimate losers. Producers rule the world.

We know this, but oppression feels so good right now that it blurs our vision to reality, making these tokens seem like the freedom our ancestors were slaughtered for. Let us wake up to the true definition of freedom.

One can define true freedom with one word. With this word in mind, you can accurately measure where you are free and where you aren’t, who controls you and who doesn’t Brothers, sisters, written on the other side of the coin of freedom is the word, responsibility. The more areas in life that you wield responsibility, the more you free yourself.

When you were growing up, you got more freedom only when you showed you were responsible enough to handle it. The problem is that when we integrated the price we paid was letting go of the reins of our destiny.

We can thank the older generation for that.

They said integrate, but they meant assimilate.

Let’s apply this new definition of freedom to our world. What are black people responsible for? Not much!

We don’t make the laws that govern us, nor the banks we put our money in. We don’t own the stores we shop in, nor produce the goods we buy. We don’t even print the money we use, nor do we control the media that informs us. We are responsible for none of these things!

Let’s not talk about debt, because whomever you are indebted to, owns you! An example of this is Visa, MasterCard and American Express, not to mention those who we get our student loans from.

We use these companies to go to school to compete. Compete for what?! Jobs in companies we don’t own, buildin

g dreams we didn’t dream. We don’t even grow the food our bodies consume. Does that sound like freedom?

We need to get our own! By our own I mean our own businesses, our own dreams. We need toinfiltrate the media that informs us. There needs to be more blacks making laws for this system that cares nothing for us.

Are our children going to get brutalized by the same forces as we did? Will they be killed in the streets without consequence? We must prevent this, because things are about to get ugly.

Theo E. J. Wilson, age, classification, major, major, hometown and e-mail address.