Green Corps recruits more

Daphne Sorensen wants a few good Green Corps recruits.

The Corps, founded in 1992 with the help of environmental activists such as Cesar Chavez, has 35 openings for one-year fellowships in its environmental leadership training program.

A field organizer for Florida Public Interest Research Group’s Tallahassee office, Sorensen, a Green Corps graduate, is looking for future environmental leaders at state university campuses.

“I got my position at Florida Public Research Group through the Green Corps,” Sorensen said. “It’s a great way for students to get involved in social change and environmental issues. Green Corps is a program that gets your foot in the door.”

Sorensen said that between 700-800 graduating seniors and recent graduates nationwide are applying for the positions. The deadline for applications is March 1.

Green Corps fellows receive training in grassroots organizing and instruction on pressing environmental issues such as air pollution, offshore drilling and the reduction of pesticide use. Sorensen has visited FAMU, FSU, UF and USF in her recruitment effort.

Darden Rice, a Sierra Club conservation organizer, worked with Green Corps for four months. During her 1995 stint in the Corps, Rice worked with the Rainforest Action Network on its boycott against Mitsubishi. Rice said that the organization helped her get a job with Florida Public Interest Research Group as a student organizer.

“I wanted to travel, and it was an opportunity to work on environmental issues,” Rice said. “They drop you into various places across the country and you get a varied experience working on environmental issues.”

Florida PIRG lobbyist, Holly Binns said she is heading up recruitment for people with Corps-like experience.

“We’re looking for the best and brightest seniors to be fellows or campus organizers,” Binns said. “We hire students for positions from all across the country.”

Applications for Green Corps fellowships can be obtained from