Band deserves harsher reprimand for hazing

It just goes to show how FAMU really is when it comes certain positions on our campus, from the Student Government Association to Greeks. If it was up to me, the band would not have performed at The Florida Classic because all that hazing isn’t necessary. I will not send my child to a historically black college or universty for him or her to join an extra curriculum activity and later find out they’re in the hospital because of foolishness. I would hit FAMU with the biggest lawsuit in FAMU history. What does hazing prove? I just don’t understand. From what I know if one or two people from a Greek letter organization haze someone on line, it becomes public the whole chapter gets suspended. So why not the band as well?

I really don’t care who did what to whom. It boils down to the fact that the band knew this was going on and they didn’t report it. So I would have suspended the whole Marching 100 to teach them a lesson. FAMU would never do that because the school is too greedy for money. I am just upset that certain people on campus get certain privileges. What is kept in the dark must see the light. So one day everyone will know what is really going on with clubs/organizations here on our beloved campus.

Denise Lewis is a senior, political science major from Maryland.