One night of passion can lead to lifelong illness

Picture this, it’s February 14th at approximately 10:30 pm. You are anxiously driving to that desired destination. Not to mention that you are excited about what awaits behind door number 504.

You pull up to the house and your partner greets you in their Valentine’s best. The lights are dim, the wine is chilling, and the slow jams are definitely pumping. Pastel colored petals are scattered around you and the air conditioning must not be on because you are slowly shedding layers of clothing.

Then your mind starts to wander and R. Kelly’s in the background and he “don’t see nothing wrong.” Things are getting hot and heavy and now for some reason you’re contemplating your next move.

‘Should I or shouldn’t I pull out a condom?’ You are concerned about spoiling the mood.

If this situation seems all too familiar, you are not the only person that got caught up in the moment and was hesitant to introduce using a condom.

An American Pregnancy help-line counselor, who asked not to be identified, said that callers often complain about condoms making the situation awkward, being too time consuming, and not being very reliable.

Brook Hobbs, a local HIV/AIDS educator, said that usually people who are uncomfortable with negotiating safe sex should not be having sex.

.”You should talk about it before any physical contact, because mid-moment is not the time to negotiate,” Hobbs said.

According to Hobbs there are many ways to incorporate safe sex in foreplay, games,and techniques.

Tampa graduate student Kenyatta Henderson believes that couples need to be open about safe sex.

“Being shy about telling someone to use a condom can cost you your life,” Henderson said.

The Planned Parenthood Web site suggests that if you are embarrassed to talk with your partner about using a condom, practice before you are in a situation.

Don’t wait until the heat of passion takes over. The Pill, IUD, Norplant, and Depo-Provera provide protection against pregnancy, but does not protect against sexually transmitted infections.

When it comes to safe sex,Amy Williams, a senior graphic arts student, lives by her mother’s advice.

” The best solution for me is to avoid situations that may cause me to feel pressured to go against my best judgement,” Williams said.

At the Monroe Street Condomology store, employee A’son N’busche said that men should be aware that condom breakage often occurs due to the lack of lubrication.

” I would have the women place the condom in her mouth and slip it on orally, which makes using a condom sensual and is not awkward at all,” N’busche said.

If that is too extreme for you, there are several Web sites that specialize in making customized condoms.

For example sells Custom Condoms over the Internet. One can order the condom with a customized saying on it.

Many other Web sites sell scented, flavored and glow in the dark condoms.

Planned Parenthood research shows that all condoms are tested for defects. But, like rubber bands condoms deteriorate with age. If properly stored they should last until expiration date.

Plastic and animal tissue condoms are not recommended for protection against all sexually transmitted infections. Usually size is not marked on the package.

Condoms come in different lengths, widths, and thickness. Try different brands and styles to find out which fits best.

Now don’t get too carried away with the lubricant or the types of condoms that you use without researching which condom is best for you.

The following are unsafe lubricants to use with latex condoms: baby oil, cold creams, edible oils, head and body lotions, massage oils, petroleum jelly, and last but definitely not least whipped cream.