For the love of the game

Mentally motionless, physically inferior,I marinate in blood, sweat and tear’s correlation,frustration’s accumulation,gripping intimidation’s frame,the pain gained from a trained backhand,bruised emotions from a untamed vocabulary,I lay perpendicular to fear,ninety degrees from love.

Revoking emancipation,I continue for all the wrong reason,as the bell spares me temporary security,spiritual recovery, self evaluation in my corner of hibernation,I reflect on all the threats,the sex that overwrites the technicalities,the fear to reason.Voluntary suffrage with an option to leave,dependency in infamy,balancing benefits and penalties,I know no other love but that what I found in misery,paradise in his pestilent personality,my Denzel with Don King’s whispers,and Ike’s intensity,discovering the beauty in his ugliness,I nibble on my ear to avoid the critics,taste his softer side identified as his brutality,and persevere in his prime,for in a matter of time,the playing field will yield disparity.Optimism is my stamina,blindness is my determination,survival is the objective,the question is will I be effective.

my consciousness opposes my confidence,throwing the towel in versus the will to win.As my existence draws thirsty for your controversy,tasting the sweetness of your ill treatment.I’ve been spoiled by your bulls**t,derived a passion for all your games,yet endure the pain for it’s my luxury,blush at your vulgarityand melt in your tenderless aggression,you’re temper attracts me to this bittersweet intimacy,lust to many,but my ignorance disagrees,this is an alteration of love’s personality,so forget the mouth guard, scoreboard, refereeits just you, me, spectators,and their plea for our negative recreation,our romantic rivalry,can’t recreate the tale of the tape,nor escape the relentless struggle,something about the ring has me down to go another round with you,possibly two.Courage or stupidity is my motive,finding a technique to make this work is the adrenaline I feed from,regardless I’ll be forever swinging, duckin, runnin, fronting, cummin,lovin these three minutes spans of drama.