CPA leads people on trip to ‘Ecstasy’

Yes, it’s true, the old Club Park Avenue is gone, but according to Marco Molinet, promotional manager of Phats and Marco Productions, the new CPA is “off the chain.”

CPA moved to a new location three weeks ago.

“The old building was falling a part,” Molinet said. The new location is 650 W. Gaines St.

According to Christopher “Phats” Goliath, also of Phats and Marco Productions, the club increased its square footage by about 1,500 feet.

“We have new sounds, new furniture and a larger patio area,” Goliath said.

Despite the rumor that the old CPA closed because of complaints from other businesses, Goliath and Molinet said the reason CPA moved is that the building was not up-to-par.

“There was a hole in the second floor, the place was real dirty, the bathrooms were nasty,” said Molinet. He said it would have cost them more to fix the place and that’s why they moved.

Don’t worry, the nights of operation and prices are still the same: Monday nights with DJ Demp. Mowet Thursdays with Demp, Kool Ant and Stunner.

“On Sundays, we have live jazz with DJ Kool Ant,” Marco said.

The live jazz is accompanied by poetry reading and is held at Yianni’s Café on Tennessee.

The new CPA has bigger bathrooms, four new air conditioners, a bigger VIP area and 8,500 square feet of club space.

Also, Molinet said the lighting, air, audio and fog in the place are unbelievable.

“I think the old CPA building was better,” said Raul Lewis, 22, a junior sociology student from Palatka. “I think they did do some renovations, but the building is so old you can’t really tell. If they keep the maintenance up on the club, they’ll be all right.”

Goliath and Molinet said that they understand the issues Club Ecstasy, the old occupant of the building, had with quality, but they are determined to make the new CPA the hottest club in Tallahassee, besides the Moon.

“We at Phats and Marco Productions are aware of Ecstasy’s situation with quality standards, however, the new CPA and Phats and Marco Productions are definitely going to adhere to standards of equality and great entertainment,” Goliath said.

But Terence Meyers, 22, a criminal justice student from St. Augustine.

Molinet had a different opinion. “I think it was a bad move, but it’s too soon to tell,” he said.