SGA petitions to keep Lewis

The Student Government Association, in conjunction with other organizations, are asking students to sign a petition to make Interim President Henry Lewis a presidential candidate.

Currently, there is a policy prohibiting an interim president from becoming a permanent president of the university.

SGA Vice President Andre T. Hammel said he hopes to get the board of trustees to overturn this policy by presenting the board with a student petition asking that Lewis be considered as a possible president at the board’s teleconference meeting Feb. 11.

The petition reads: “We the undersigned firmly believe that Dr. Henry Lewis III as Interim President should have the right to be considered for the permanent presidency of Florida A&M University. In accordance the Florida A&M University Board of Trustees should reverse its earlier policy to exclude the interim president from the opportunity to become permanent president.”

SGA President Andrew Gillum, who is also a trustee, is not taking part in circulating the petition, as it is a conflict of interest.

Hammel said the students’ idea to have Lewis as a candidate stemmed from a conversation among presidents of organizations and himself. Hammel stressed the importance for students to address the possibility of Lewis becoming a presidential candidate.

“The alumni association and the Florida Black Caucus have already said they support Lewis. As students we have to take a stance on this issue and as vice president, I have to champion causes for student concerns,” Hammel said. “We’re not trying to say who should be president, that’s up