Lewis: ‘Yes I can,’ be president

After serving 31 days as Florida A&M University interim president, Henry Lewis III said consider him as the permanent president.

Even though, he said he entered the office with total concurrence with the Board of Trustee’s position that the interim president cannot be considered as a candidate, he said he still wants to be considered.

“When I assumed the interim presidency on Jan. 1, 2002, I did not know if I was ready to become president of one of the nation’s most distinguished institutions of higher learning. Today, I believe that I am ready for this great responsibility,” Lewis added.

“Although I have never sought this office, after considerable reflection, I would be honored to be among those considered to lead FAMU,” Lewis said at a press conference Friday.

Lewis said he is not asking or petitioning the board of trustees to amend its position.

“I am responding to the question of whether I wish to be considered for the permanent position.”

Lewis said he has received support from students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff and elected officials.

“I am blessed and overwhelmed about the support I’ve received from people,” he said.

The board of trustees is set to address this issue at its Feb.11 meeting.