Long Distance

i am here

you are there

the fingers of our love hold tight to a passion

and spirit made stronger by separation

it’s difficult not being near you

not being able to feel you, a solid warm mass that i covet

it squeezes my heart like a painful gripe

but i hold on,

wishing on all the stars above to be in your presence once again

so i can inhale you like the purest cleanest air

so i can absorb you like a cool drink of water on a hot day

so that while you breathe on me,

i can hear the liquid words that roll off of your tongue

so that i can fill up on you like fuel, all the way to the tips of my toes

so that i can mold to you like the stickiest pink cotton candy

when we’re together, there is no “I”,

only a merging of souls.

when we’re separated, we’re like seeds scattered to the wind,

struggling to remain together and untarnished.

this long distance love is our life road bump, but we will rise above it

remember its not forever

that we’re apart

its forever that we’re together.