Black Athletico

Black AthleticoBy Rashad the BenevolentYou have trained arduously;lifting weights,eating properly,and consuming vitamins fora countless amount of yearsto tighten your tendons,to hone your skills andperfect your body.

To be an athlete in the NBA/NFLand all other sports leaguesbut what has it cost you?

Sure, you have your own sneakersdubbed in your honorand your name is spoken in every householdas the American public cheers on your nexttouchdown/homerun/TKOslam dunk.

And with it comes the millions of dollars,nice homes and nice thingsand your claim to fame: a womanthe hue of a lab mousea sign of successequivalent to getting out of the projects.

But what has it cost you?

You play while they make the real profitand you dawn the emblem of an assassinatedNative American on your uniformas they cheer you onin their modern dayRoman Coliseum.