Residents and commuters fight for space in lot

Parking is an issue of great concern on FAMU’s campus. In Spring 2001, it was told to students that we would be assessed transportation/access fees for the upcoming school year. I thought this was a clever way for the Office of Parking and Transportation Services to be able to ensure that every student on campus who had a vehicle, would have paid for a decal and be registered in FAMU’s system.

I was under the impression that for once in my four years at FAMU, commuters would finally have the opportunity to share parking areas with residents and some employees. Boy was I wrong!

FAMU Office of Parking and Transportation Services Student Vehicle Registration 2001-2002 notice gave the impression that commuters and residents can share parking areas.

When I spoke with Ms. Mary Adams, the Assistant Director of the Office of Parking and Transportation Services, she clarified the location. She said commuters could only park in the areas designated for commuters (COM).

When I contacted Parking Services, the Director, John Kirby, told me residents are suppose to get ticketed if parked outside their restricted areas.

He also stated that having a universal decal would allow commuters to take up residents parking spaces at night. He also stated it would be an inconvenience for residents to have to park far from their dormitories and walk back late at night.

But don’t most commuters “commute” back home after the day is over?

So, my question is why are COM students restricted to park in certain areas if we are paying the same amount of money as residents, and residents are still parking in COM areas and are not being ticketed?

I think it would be fair to allow commuter students the right to share parking with residents. It is obvious that there are more commuters that have cars than residents do.

If that can not be an option, one of two things should happen: (1) lower the COM trans/fee of $45, because commuters do not have a fair number of parking areas as compared to residents or (2) up the residents trans/fee of $45, since they do not have limited restrictions on parking.

Parking Services should create a student decal (STU) that applies for commuters and resident students and invest in more parking lots. We all pay the same price for our trans/fee, so why not be fair and allow commuters and residents to share parking.

Wakisha Douglas, 21, is a senior newspaper journalism student from Alexandria, VA.