Orchesis goes global

“Many Shores…Many Rhythms” is the title of Orchesis Contemporary Dance Theatre’s first performance of the spring. The title of the concert fully reflects the dance styles that will be featured.

The works feature choreographers from Africa, India, Mexico, Brazil and Haiti.

Abass Badji represents Casamance, Senegal. Badji’s version of “Balante” is a high-energy work, which infuses songs created by Badji and intricate movement.

Uttara Coorlawala choreographed “Power Salutation.” The dance delves into the healing and religious traditions of India, her homeland.

Flamenco artist Sylvia Nava uses the rhythm and style of Flamenco dancing, poetry and song with the accompaniment of the shekere, a beaded gourd instrument of Africa origin, in “Rainbow at Midnight Salvador.”

Salvador Bahia, Brazil native,Rosangela Silvestre dos Santos explores the attributes of the earth’s energy vibrations in Sacred Elements.

The concert will take place Jan. 17 through 20 in Lee Hall Auditorium. General admission is $10.

FAMU students with their FAMU ID are free.

For more information call 599-8678.