Housing springs up on Wahnish

Looking for a place to stay where your class could be across the street? And no, it’s not a dormitory. It’s not even university housing.

Hillside Apartments, located on the corner of Eugenia and Wahnish Way, have completed the first of several units and are ready to move in apartment seekers.

“This is a great place to stay for FAMU students, especially because of the location. You could walk to campus,” Hillside’s resident manager, Janelle Blount said.

“Everything in the apartment is new, the microwave, the dishwasher, even the toilet has never been sat on.”

Student residents agree with Blount. Dayna Clarke, a junior computer information systems student from Beaufort, S.C., recently leased an apartment with her sister and said she inquired about the apartments simply because they are so close to the “tech building” where her classes are held.

“But what really made us sign the lease was the washer and dryer and separate bathrooms finally,” she added.

The complex, which will hold 64 units, were set to be finished September 2001, but permit delays caused the project to be pushed back, according to site supervisor, Joe Bufkin.

“We have 28 units ready to be moved in now and there are still several being worked on, but all construction will be complete by the end of February,” Blount said.

Clarke said that while she likes her new apartment, she’s not pleased that she has not had cable service turned on, a feature that is included in the rent, nor does the complex have a trash bin yet.

Clarke also said her kitchen facet water was weak, but was told by management that a plumber would come to fix the problem.

Blount said that while small kinks may arise because it is a new complex, they will all be ironed out.

According to Blount, Comcast cable has been put on order, as well as a trash bin.

Hillside seems to have the advantage over competitors seeking student renters not only in location, but cost too. Spring or summer leasing for 2002 is actually less expensive than University Courtyard and College Club Apartments on South Adams Street, two complexes heavily populated with FAMU students.

With individual leasing, Hillside Apartments are approximately $337 per person. The apartments are available in two bedrooms, two baths only. Utility allowances are also available.

“I love them,” said Roland Castellanos, a transfer architecture student from Orlando, who moved in over the winter break.

“They remind me of apartments in Orlando. I would encourage any student to come check them out.”

For more information, contact Real Estate Services of Tallahassee Inc. at 385-6693.