Award shows combine controversy and suspense

The sweet smell of recognition fills the air while an edgy music industry and the anxious city of Hollywood collectively hold their breath.

This anticipation could only mean that the 2002 award season is well underway.

From the American Music Awards to the Grammys, the pre-production of music award shows has not gone on without controversy.

Acceptance speeches and musical interludes were supposed to be the only things filling the star-studded evening of Jan. 9.

However, at the 29th annual American Music Awards a well-known tug-of-war was in the back of many people’s minds.

The confusion over whether or not Michael Jackson would be able to perform at the AMAs took center stage for many weeks leading up to award night.

The King of Pop, who initially had an agreement with AMA Executive Producer Dick Clark, reportedly dropped out of performing in order to appear in its chief competition the Grammys.

The problem is that for the past decade the Recording Academy has barred artists from performing at the Grammys if they had performed at the AMAs the same year.

Jackson’s cancellation prompted Clark to file a $10 million lawsuit against the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences President Michael Greene. The academy also happens to be the driving force behind the Grammys.

Clark accused Greene of engaging in unfair competition by banning major artists set to appear on the Grammys from also appearing on the AMAs. He also claims that Greene persuaded Jackson to break a promise to Clark to show up and collect the Artist of the Century award.

Ultimately, Jackson decided to keep his promise to Dick Clark. Although Michael didn’t perform, he attended the Shrine Auditorium in order to accept his award .

Other winners included Alicia Keys, who showed her worth by winning awards for Favorite New Pop/Rock Artist and Favorite New Soul/R&B Artist. Nelly received an award for best Rap/Hip Hop artist and the late Aaliyah’s self-titled final album received best album award in the Soul/R&B category.

During this time of year, musicians aren’t the only celebrities expecting praise. Hollywood actors and actresses are getting their just deserts as well.

A stepping-stone for these stars is the 2002 Golden Globes. Success at this award show ultimately leads to an Oscar win.

The buzz at this year’s Golden Globes is that the field seems to be wide open.

With so many television shows receiving high ratings last season, the television categories are even more competitive.

Shows like The West Wing and The Sopranos go head to head for best drama series, while Friends and Sex in the City face off in the best Musical/Comedy category.

The only thing that appears to be definite at this year’s award shows is that in every category there seems to be no odds on a definite or clear winner.

That means the audience and actors will be left guessing up until the very end.