University makes tutoring for DRS students A-OK

With last year’s FCAT scores resulting in a “D” for FAMU Developmental Research School, FAMU students are taking action.

This year two student operated organizations are taking on the responsibility of insuring that FAMU DRS students excel, not only on the FCAT but also as the prepare to graduate and enroll in college.

Application of Knowledge (A-OK) is one of the organizations working with DRS. A-OK was started by the junior class during the 2000-2001 school year.

The organization is under the leadership of Kenjay Williams and Tisa Holley.

A-OK is a three part program which consist of mentoring, tutoring , and community service. The group focuses on helping the students in the fields of reading, math and writing. It visits DRS for tutoring Monday-Thursday and on Wednesday’s for mentoring.

The organization is based on an adoption process in which lasy years sophomores adopte dthe sophomores at DRS and will follow them through graduation and same goes for this years sophomores

“The goal of A-OK is to see that students at DRS excel and to help them prepare for college”, said Tisa Holley, vice-president.

Another organization making strides to improve the academic performance at DRS is Operation Bringing Up Scores (Operation BUS). The organization was started under the leadership of Mr. FAMU, Exley Warren.

The Program was started as a service project and obtains the goal to bring us DRS student’s scores on Standardized tests, such as the FCAT. The group work with studenst in the areas of English and Math, which are major subjets areas on Standardized tests.

With DRS being rated very low among area schools the organization strives to improve students test taking skills. The program will be ongoing through out the year inorder to improve students scores.

“Too many other programs start and stop. This one will not. There is a need for more tutoring programs at DRS, because all others usually fold up and don’t carry out its intended goal”, said Ryan Galloway, an active member of Operation Bus.

These two organizations have been constantly on the go with one common goal in mind – helping DRS to be a better school on an academic level.

FAMU students are coming together to help the next generation. Both organizations have seen an increase in interest from FAMU and DRS students and hope that their success will continue.

“I’m really glad to see our students getting out there and giving back, it is really important for the younger students to have mentors and tutors, they play a vital role in helping the students to have a desire to excel’, said Tarika Green, a sophomore Fine Arts student from Palmetto.

As the FCAT gets closer and FAMU students are working harder, DRS plans leave a mark of success with their FCAT scores this year and with the help of FAMU students that dream seems to already becoming true.