How a car wreck wrecked my life

It’ s amazing how the person you think you know best can turn out to be a complete stranger. I never thought the man I had grown to love had been lying to me from day one.

I had been dating this guy four months. He was the perfect gentleman, charming and caring, all the things I wanted in a man. When we first met, he told me his name was Jason Harper, he was 24 with no kids and worked for a cleaning company.

Well, 12 days ago I found out something that has changed my life forever. I was on my way to my 2:30 p.m. class, on a Wednesday, when I got an unsuspected call on my cell phone.

The female voice asked to speak to Kera Bradley. After acknowledging that I was she, I asked, “Who is this?” To my surprise it was Officer Dillon from the Tallahassee Police Department.

Quickly she asked me to describe my car. I told her I had a red Ford Escort, which I was driving at the time. Basically, she told me she had a guy who was claiming to be driving my car that I let him use.

Something hit me and told me to call my cousin at home. I knew I had left Jason at home, but for some reason I knew it was him the officer was talking about.

I asked her to hold on while I called my cousin. Just like I suspected she had let him borrow her car to go to the store. I then explained to the officer that it was my cousin’s car and that it was a mustard-colored Kia Rio.

After we got that straight, she told me he had wrecked her car, broke the car key, threw them, got out and started running. Why was he running when all he did was scratch the paint off the rear bumper, I do not know?

Officer Dillon said the only reason they chased him was because he ran. She told me he was going to jail and asked me what was this guy’s name. After I told her Jason Harper, she told me that was incorrect.

The next thing she told me made me drive off the road and cry hysterically. She informed me the guy s name was Johnny Hinson, he was 27, had a warrant out for his arrest, a suspended license, had children and just got out of jail the day we met.

All I could say was, “you are lying.” This guy has stayed in my house, drove my car and had all my friends and me fooled. This is something that happens on Lifetime, not real life.

Guess what, the saga continues. When we went to go pick up the car, we could not get it until it was checked by an officer for illegal drugs. Three hours later, after a locksmith pried open the trunk and made us another key, we took the car.

Right before we drove off, I received threatening calls from his 24-year-old brother, thirty-something sister and Jason or should I say Johnny. They all were basically saying how he refuses to stay in jail and that I better come up with $450 to get him out or else. They were actually blaming me for his troubles.

To make a long story short, because the car keys were never found by the police I had to get my house, my cousin’s car and my car locks changed.

I also took out a temporary restraining order against his brother, sister and him.

He’ll be in jail for a while because he had a warrant out for his arrest for owing back child support. And I just moved back into my apartment Monday.