Graduate and Evening Examinations:

For all classes that meet on weekdays beginning 5 p.m. and after, examinations will be held during regular class meeting.

Final Exam Policy

All students enrolled in a course requiring a final examination, graduating seniors and graduate students included, are required to take the exam at the time scheduled.

Requiring a student to take an examination, or a test in lieu of a final examination at any time other than the regularly scheduled final examination is in violation of university policy.

Classes meeting four or five days a week at the same time, and classes meeting for more than one time period will hold exams according to the time and day of the first scheduled class meeting of the week. Example: a class meeting Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 a.m., will hold its examination at the time scheduled 8 a.m. MWF.

Last Days for Spring Registration and Payment Fees

Touch Tone Telephone Registration :12/14-1/9

Regular Registration & Add/Drop : 1/3-4

Late Registration & Add/ Drop (Touch Tone Telephone): 1/5-9

Late Registration & Add/Drop (On-Campus: 1/7-9

Last day to pay 100% of Registration Fees: 1/11

Last day to withdraw from course/university: 3/4