‘The It’ stimulates the mind, heart

The highly anticipated showing of this semester’s show “The IT: 911” took place Wednesday and Thursday in Lee Hall Auditorium.

As the crowd walked into Lee Hall the deejay, Yogi, a personality of WANM 90.5 FM, controlled the crowd with the latest tracks.

This pre-show atmosphere contrasted the outpouring of emotions that would dominate the entirety of the show.

The opening address to the audience was made by Tara Lake, 22, a senior English student from Hillside, N.J. Lake, director of “The IT” and president of the New Vision Association, reminded the guests of their purpose and challenged them to remember all those who have been affected by the events of Sept. 11.

“The victims look like all of us, you and I, and they must not be forgotten,” Lake said.

Songs like “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye set the atmosphere for the night by revealing some of the questions that were answered by the cast.

The cast included 14 actors, four dancers, four singers and two musicians.

You could feel the passion, dedication and love each performer put into their piece. Whether they sang, dance or spoke each person brought his or her piece to life.

The show was full of emotional, artistic and entertaining acts that captivated the audience and gave them a glimpse into the lives of the victims of Sept. 11.

Singers Jeanine Timberlake, the Wise One, Miriam Franklin and Raul Lewis serenaded the crowd with heartfelt songs that stimulated the minds and hearts of all who listened.

When Timberlake, senior broadcast journalism student sang her rendition of “If I Could” you could feel the emotions behind the words she sang.

“When she sang the words took on a different meaning. She made you want to do something to help or just be apart of the process,” said Karah Smith, 20, junior history major from Macon, Ga.

The actors reinacted possible situations about the tragedies of Sept. 11.

Some scenes portrayed a security guard who died in the World Trade Center and the effect on his son’s mother, the terror felt by a big sister and her thoughts of losing her younger siblings and a woman who worked in Public Relations at the World Trade Center and her fiance’s prayer when he thought he had lost.

The actors became one with their characters and the pain, hurt, and feelings of hopelessness could be felt by the audience.

The Wise One, Dr. “Damian” Jones, Gabrielle Finley and Ora Abrielle Jackson gave the audience knowledge and insight into another aspect of the tragedies.

They hypnotized the audience with their intellect, passion and the truth behind the words they spoke.

“I was really feeling the Wise One, Gabrielle Finley and Dr. Jones. Their words were so strong, powerful and you knew they were speaking from the heart,” said Robert Thomas, 19, sophomore business student from Houston.

The actors, dancers and singers of “The IT: 911” gave their all in these memorable performances.

“The cast reminded me of all those people and how their lives were changed and I don’t think I’ll ever forget the victims of Sept. 11,” said Latonya Dawson, 18, freshman education student from Detroit.