Campus construction nears completion

Many of us know that we are in the process of constructing buildings in various departments.

For now, I will focus on the two main ones most people are aware of.

The School of Business and Industry is adding on a west wing to enhance their department. The School of Journalism, Media and Graphic Arts is constructing a totally new building to facilitate both journalism and graphic arts students, rather than the two separate buildings they have now.

I must say, watching the rate the SBI west wing is going up, I expect it to be completed well before the end of next year.

The journalism building will take a little longer, though. The sod turning ceremony will tentatively be held at the end of this semester or early next semester.

The building’s completion is anticipated for early 2003.

Hopefully, they will work on this building quickly, because the journalism school is becoming increasingly bigger.

I certainly applaud the administration for seeing the need to improve these buildings.

With the inflow of SBI students, in both four and five year programs, it is obviously still a large sector of our degree majors (if not the largest). And, the number of incoming freshmen in this school will probably be even larger.

The journalism sector is swiftly increasing as well.

At the very least, the merging of the journalism and graphic arts into one building will definitely be a great technological and effective change for those who wish to further their career in these areas.

It is catering to the needs of our society, and giving us, as black people, a way to be well equipped when we go out into the real world.

Instead of simply reaching for the stars, we will definitely become shooting stars, setting us in an even higher caliber than the rest!

I sincerely hope, considering recent budget cuts, everything still goes as expected and that there will be no drastic, negative changes. Because education is excellence, and it should never be compromised.

Melissa J. Bridgewater, 22, is a freshman public relations student from Trinidad.