Sista, lover, look within

Sista, Lover, Look Within (pt. 3 of 3) By WISEONE

…look within and you are bound to seethe inherent resolve of your ancestrythe inner force that kept us going and is still flowing through our veinsand what it is that remainscan never be explained in this language that is not our own or by any expression of culture that is not our own

it can only be acknowledged and felt by an African in love with selfwho feels in her African heart that she can love the African in mewho sees with African eyes everything there is to seeand knows in her African mind that true knowledge of historywill uncover the horrors of our past, express the anger that it bringsand reveal the ways and means that got us throughto where we now find each other,a scattered people with common woes and common foeswhose rebirth and reunification is long overdue

so, surely, momentary setbacks and temporary troublepale in comparison to our people’s greater struggleto define a new reality, but first you must begininside of yourselfSista, Lover, Look Within

My Sista…I Love YouMy Lover, andBeautiful Sista…Look WithinKindred Spirit…Look WithinMother of the Earth…Look Within

Sista, Lover, Look Within