May I please

I watch you

catapulting past my eyes

in a jasmine sculpted sun-kissed skyline

moving with cosmic configurations

I stalk with hesitation

but I’m so attracted it births no description

for your beauty is…

I’d love to greet you with such honor

but for words to come into sound

I’d simply mutter…

or murmur…

maybe I could write you a love song or send you a letter

your walk sends fragrances of paradise

a world I’m unfamiliar with

so I recognize at first hand your magnificence

your elegance

your essence

your essential ebony ever presence

it could be caramel

or honey dew drop

like morning sweetness

suddenly you’ve become my weakness

these are my thoughts

I have plans for the both of us

but you’re neither near or far

and my fright is what tears us apart

maybe I’ll just pick up my guitar

strum you to sleep with a jonezing groove to leave you lying in my arms

safe from harm

my mission not intention is to keep you happy and calm

with endless love

as endless as the trail ways of stars

with every kiss and caress

every spoken word

every moment of silent dialect

you’ll be able to detect

just how much you mean to me.