Transitional program has high hopes

Sasha Huff probably wouldn’t be in school next spring. Tameika Mays would be taking one less class this semester. Their involvement in the Freshman Year Experience program prevented these scenarios from occurring.The program promotes academic success and assists students in making a smooth transition from high school to college. The program is comprised of students in the School of General Studies but is open to all freshmen.”The FYE is a comprehensive component within the School of General Studies,” said Michelle Jones, coordinator of the FYE program. Jones said the program provides assistance academically and socially when students first arrive on campus.Huff, a freshman general studies student from Panama City, has to transfer to Florida Community College at Jacksonville for financial reasons. Huff said she didn’t have much knowledge about the application deadlines. “Ms. Jones has helped a lot,” Huff said. Huff added that Jones got her in touch with the right people at FCCJ so she could apply and register on time. “It’s good to have one-on-one help,” Huff said.Mays, a freshman general studies student from Cherry Hill, N.J. was having problems with a previous teacher and switched to the class in the FYE program. “I felt that the teacher was rude,” Mays said. Mays said she was impressed with how fast the School of General Studies got her out of the other class.”I would have dropped the class,” Mays said.Once she was enrolled in the FYE program, Mays said Jones made sure she had all of the assignments to catch up. “I’m pretty satisfied now,” Mays said.Kirk Gavin, program director of FYE, said the program’s success is measured by retention rates, satisfaction surveys and academic progression.”We want students to be a part of the graduation rate and not the retention problem,” Jones said.