Service hours available for students

This Thanksgiving, service hours are available for students looking to improve their college resumes. Students who choose to do community service during the holiday can gain a record of their volunteer hours on their official school transcripts.Many students volunteer their time, but don’t know they can receive a permanent record of their service, said Ralph Coleman, associate director of Student Activities.Students who plan to serve the community should fill out the Rattler Record form at the Student Activities office .”Verification is vital,” Coleman said. Rattler Records details the volunteer service provided. It is to be turned in to the Office of Student Financial Aid and Service Learning, located in Foote Hilyer, Suite 101, by the end of the school semester. A minimum of 20 volunteer hours must be completed in order for the form to be accepted.Andrea Smith, a senior business student from Lake Helen, said, “The 20 hour minimum always stopped me from turning in a Rattler Record. But when I found out the volunteer service I did while I’m on break counted, it easily pushed me over the minimum.””An average of 200 students per semester turn in Rattler Records,” Coleman said. Even more than that serve the community, but never turn in a form to receive credit on their transcripts, he continued.”The forms are available to all students and all are encouraged to serve,” Coleman said. It takes 20 volunteer hours, plus a Rattler Record to receive credit on your official school transcript.Volunteer advice can be found at