Lack of discretion ruins Homecoming

I could not have been more embarrassed, ashamed and shocked at the behavior of the head administrator of our school, President Frederick S. Humphries during the Homecoming game.

He obviously had no respect for anyone, let alone the appearance of FAMU, when he addressed the crowd at half time and stumbled and slurred through his speech, a not so subtle laughter was emitted from the crowd. My reaction was one of disgust.

I wasn’t disgusted because of the state Humphries was in, but because he addressed thousands, including alumni, parents, potential students, not to mention children and didn’t have the decency to wait until afterwards to get to that state.

Not to mention that for the past two years, the first day Homecoming game tickets are distributed, those people waiting in line could look forward to a 3-hour wait.

This is due to the lack of line organization that the police begin to attempt after 500 students have already lined up.

Rolanda Miller, sophomore criminal justice student from Pensacola.