Student duo releases debut album

Life is full of all kinds of surprises. First Ave. is one of the most unexpected surprises that a rap music fan might come across here on campus.

Saleem Bligen, 20, a third year business administration student from Trenton, N. J. also known as Sirius and Junius English, 19, a sophomore computer information systems student, from Englewood, N.J., also known as Clipz, are probably two of the most lyrically advanced rappers on campus.

The New Jersey natives have been working together for the past two years. Normally they can be found in rap battles around the campus.

The duo has been on the Set selling their promotion album Holla Backwards. The album is a brief showing of their lyrical skills with creative punch lines and metaphors like, “well first we can dry out/ I got a hearse we can buy out/ my n***** hustle like its the first week of try outs.”

Besides being hungry for competitors, First Ave. is also hungry for a record deal.

“It seem like nowadays rap cats don’t get deals unless they wack.” Sirius said.

Holla Backwards is full of murderous metaphors that are very thought provoking.

Clipz throughout the album drops dope

lines like, “Get yah label and block/ disabled shot /yall spit prenatal s*** so I cradle yah block.”

While his partner Sirius brings the heat with verse openers like “When me and Clipz spit it’s like two black kings n***** fall of my knuckles like a loose a** ring better tell them new cats bring two back slings or get yah head pushed in like du rag strings.”

Throughout the album the two remind their listeners that “it’s not a game” and have a vendetta for fake rappers and gangsters. The continuous theme of their album is how they take out “fake MCs” and “gangstas.”

One of the problems with this group is its content. Most of their songs are limited to one subject saturated with murder and violence.

However, First Ave. makes up for this down fall with exceptional vocabulary and creative delivery schemes. The album is not available in your local Sam Goody or Wherehouse Music but can be purchased on the Set on Fridays.

You can look for First Ave. to begin selling their next CD on the Set in late this November.

Holla Backwards is one of the hottest CDs on the underground scene.

First Ave. is serious about the album although some students might not be as enthusiastic.

“If you don’t like people who can rap, then don’t listen to us.” Clipz said.