‘Oh Drama’ co-host gets personal

What brings you to Tallahassee?”I’m doing the PNG BET College Tour. I was just in New York and came straight here.”

Where do you live now?”I live in L.A. but I’m originally from Brooklyn.”

What do you enjoy most about the show?”I enjoy the different topics we talk about. We do everything from religion, culture, relationships. But, people tend to remember the show when we talk about sex.”

Have you all ever done a show you weren’t really feeling?”Yeah, we did a show on star-shaggers – girls who have sex with celebrities. I just didn’t like the topic at all because, as a woman, I felt bad for these girls. You know these girls are basically having sex for money.”

Do you and the other hosts get along well?”Oh we have so much fun on the show. I really enjoy the girls.

Do you and the other host get to hang out off the air?”Yeah we do but it’s really hard. Kim does a lot of traveling and movies and Vanessa is doing her thing and she has two kids.”

Have you done any other television shows or plays?”I’ve done ‘Judging Amy’ and ‘The Hughgleys’ and some independent films too.”

You seem like such a fun and driven person. How did you get the “Oh Drama” spot?”I’ve never done anything that was journalism related but I got this job in L.A. as a radio host with Big Boy morning radio. Then, I was the guest d.j. for Live from L.A. like six times. They (the network) wanted to see more of me on the air so I went to Bet Live. Then from there-‘Oh Drama.'”

So, do you think of the show change as a promotion?”In a sense yeah I do. The producers wanted to see me talking more. I was supposed to be the co-host of Bet Live but it didn’t really work out that way. The producers said they wanted to hear more of me and decided to make me a co-host of ‘Oh Drama.'”

Do you get a chance to offer input in the show’s topics?”Yeah, definitely. We have a lot of freedom and the producers really respect what we have to say.”

Do you think the show is an overall success compared to when the show first started?”I think so. The ratings are the highest they have ever been. Kim and I were on the Howard Stern show and we were on the E! network.”

Do you ever have people ask something off the wall when you are out on the street?”Oh girl, yeah.” “One time we did this show and I asked the question, ‘Is masturbation a sin?’ and we got so much response over that. I got responses like ‘Ughh, that is so gross, I can’t believe you asked that question and then I got ‘I was wondering about that.’ People tend to take that one question or comment that was made and think ‘oh she must be a freak or something.’ But, this is a job for me, so I try to ask the questions that I think people want to ask.”

How does your family feel about the show?”Ohhhh, no no no. My mom never, never, never watches the show,” said shaking her head. “I’m the youngest of eight children and raised in a Catholic home, you know.”