North Florida Fair hits Tallahassee

It’s that time again! The 60th Annual North Florida Fair is back in town.

With games, rides, food and new attractions to choose from, students can enjoy the festivities until Nov. 11.

Carnival Midway, host of the North Florida Fair, is celebrating 105 years of providing fun and excitement to nearly 200,000 people annually.

Every February, Midway begins traveling across the country with its carnival completing its tour in November with Tallahassee being its last destination.

“Because we are the last fair they play in the year, we work 12 months out of a year with a full time staff of nine people,” said Ron Beckey, executive secretary and manager of the North Florida Fair.

Brooke Smith, 19, a sophomore business administration student from Fort Lauderdale said the fair was great.

“The rides were fun, the lines moved quickly and best of all, the exhibits were entertaining.”

Thomas Brinson,21, a senior mechanical engineering student from Bainbridge, Ga. said he liked the action-packed rides.

“The best ride I would recommend people to ride on is the Power Surge. “It lifts you about 80 feet off of the ground and starts to twist and flip while traveling at a very high speed. It is definitely worth the four tickets I gave away,” Brinson said.

Other thrill-seeking rides include force filled rides, power surge, thunder bolt, vortex, avalanche, zipper, the cliff hanger and pharaoh’s fury.

The Museum of World Oddities shows the real, unreal and bizarre: 3-eyed Bill, a mule-face woman, the world’s tallest girl (8’2′ tall, 435 lbs.), a great snake-eating frog and 29 inch tall. Although, there is tons of fun and entertainment at the fair, there is a price you pay for the enjoyment.

General Admission for adults (13 & over)-$6, youth (6-12 years)-$3 and children (5 years-under)-free.

Ticket Prices are $1 per coupon (ticket), $10 per 12 coupons, $20 per 25 coupons and $50 per 65 coupons.

In the effort to ensure fair goers a safe time, police have stepped up security.

“We have increased security,” Beckey said. “The sheriff added the Tallahassee Police Department and additional personnel, a long with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, and our private security. So, we have a strong security.”