Interracial dating is nobody’s business

Love is blind, right? Would you date anyone outside of your race or ethnic background?

I don’t think there is anything wrong with dating someone of another culture or color.

Everyone is always talking about love being blind. If it truly is blind then people wouldn’t have a problem with interracial dating.

When most people look for a mate, they generally look for someone who fits their standards of beauty, intelligence, etc.

What ever happened to preference? Yes, the right of a person to choose what type of person they want to date.

I know we’ve heard someone say, “Why is that black man with that white woman?” And, I know there are black women who get offended when they see a black man with a white woman.

Black women feel there are too many black women for a black man to be with a white woman.

Everyone has an opinion of what someone should or should not do. What people fail to realize is that is not up to you to choose mates for anyone but yourself.

Has anyone even considered looking at how the United States is a melting pot for many different races and ethnicities? There really is no true race in America.

What I can’t understand is why so many of us are against a white woman and a black man dating. But, we’re OK with a black man dating a Puerto Rican woman or a woman of another ethnic race.

Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions when it comes to the person they want to date and love.

Americans are always trying to push their opinions on others. We should stay in our own business and worry about who we are dating and everyone will be OK.

Raul Lewis, 22, is a junior public relations student from Palatka. He can be reached at