Small Paper but Loud Voice

By Clarece Polke


Published: Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Clarece Polke

Clarece Polke, Editor-in-Chief

This semester as Editor-in-Chief with The Famuan has been the best, and worst, semester of my life.

 I never understood how much power the press can hold, and what a grave responsibility that is, but FAMU taught me the lesson very quickly.

Since day one, this paper has seen and covered stories about murder, corruption, discrimination, university and departmental in fighting, theft, disease, lawsuits, accreditation, enrollment and, of course, hazing. Since day one, we've covered student love, college relationships, religion, student enterprise, student and alumni triumphs and wins, food, lace-fronts, grants, scholarships and the ever-late net check. And, as a result, since day one, this paper has outraged students, faculty, staff, administrators and organizations on campus.

And I couldn't be prouder.

This semester, The Famuan took chances, made mistakes, reported news no one else would admit was happening and didn't want to admit was happening. This paper grew up, and I grew up with it.

So I will say one thing, and one thing only to every single allegation of libel, falsification of documents, defamation of character and even violation of federal laws thrown at The Famuan lately: The truth needs no defense, and blind ignorance needs no facts.

The Famuan will continue to publish the negative content our readers and we have come to cherish as unbiased, uncensored truth, despite what was otherwise expressed by SGA and the administration in Monday's anti-hazing forum and Senate meeting. Deliberately targeting a news outlet to shut it down because you "disagree" with true, accurate content isn't going to make FAMU look better or suddenly salvage what's left of our tarnished reputation. The Famuan will not close our eyes and pretend FAMU lies in the middle of an orange and green field of lilies where everyone holds hands and sings the alma mater.

So, to the SGA members reading this column now and shaking their heads: get out from behind your desks and cut the funding of the supposed "Fabloid," if what we're publishing is really so slanderous.

To my staff and next semester's EIC: I was incredibly blessed to have people just as passionate, crazy and willing to take chances as I am. I challenge you to this: raise more hell, make #(expletive)thefamuan a trending topic every single edition, uncover more scandals and corruption and don't let anyone "shut you up."

Because nothing will ever change or begin to improve at FAMU until people stop acting scared, stop turning a blind eye to what's wrong and start speaking up for what they feel is right.   


Tue Jan 10 2012 22:24
The results of the survey were reported as results of the survey. Don't be so quick to condemn it just because it's not what you want to hear.
Fri Dec 16 2011 06:15
From the Kitchen Table,Chef Spiceman former Groit,Fresno CityCollege Department of Ancient Afrikan&Afrikan-Americans Studies I greet you in the words of our ancestors Asante/Amen.An ancestral proverb teaches that there danger in having too much trust.We cannot fall prey to our own deep humanity,again I repeat, brothers and sisters history teaches us of acts of evil acts of violent forces to maintain our youth. We cannot act as if this Afrika, as if we are in our traditional Afrikan minds and villages and all around us are loving connected family. In this reality, in a society dominated by mentacide in our culture. In a society whereas we call our groups "Greek"famous for the theif of ancient knowledge under Ptolemy/Serapis 325bce.However,the domination of our true Self blind our truth. Parents on constant guard cannot be naïve enough to assume that their children are surrounded by friends and that their play spaces are safe. Our anient ancestoral taught the oldest teachings from the Creators Truth,Justice and Righteousness under the Afrikan woman symbol of MAAT who recorded the "Medu Neters,"divine teachings from God spiritual devekopment of his creation thousands of years before any religion euro/arab/hyksos-Ash'ke-naz coming from the great city of "Ani" where the book "Pert m Hru-Egyptian Book of the Dead stolen and taken to England. You my brothers and sisters, God's first earthly creation must rally-rattle together to keep FAMU historical vision for empowerment of future Afrikan youth entering the study halls of future Afrikan warriors and scholars.The teachings of MAAT,are seven divine principles from God meaning:Truth,Reciprocity, Justice,Harmony,Balance,Order,and Empowerment.Must we forget our ancestors struggles for our future "Afrikan Minds"break the chains that keep us at war with ourselves. "I will not be wrathful and irate except for a just cause."Our total"Umoja SaSa"Unity now, begins with total liberation and ReAfrikanization toward healing.My people,we must return back to God's truth.Today every family in Amerikkka are in pain,wounded because the founding fathers'structural design of our future generations.Iwould honor your reply must get back to my recipe:Aligator-Andouille SausageRoasted Pecan SoulRolls/Eggrolls (200)served with Hazelnut-PabaloBitter-Melon Dipping sauce.Hotep Spiceman (559 772-7647) Continue your "Medu-Neter/writing to the heaets of the people.
Wed Dec 7 2011 20:39
Please. The Famuan is known to try to report unverified libelous stuff or rearrange facts with pure opinion or personal speculation to make a story. They have had to retract stories before you got there and will after leave. But as you try to make this your personal stand which it is, do this: Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
Angelica W.
Wed Dec 7 2011 11:48
Excellent column! As a former editor and writer for the FAMUan, I commend you all. Job well done.
FormerRattler_1091 ;)
Wed Dec 7 2011 11:03
I totally agree with Alum10. As a former rattler, I do not have issues with unbiased truths, no matter how ugly. What I do have an issue with is that your paper, in recent weeks, has been publishing opinion as fact/truth, along with unverified information from sources. Just be sure to do ALL of your homework and the student body won't be so quick to bash you.
Wed Dec 7 2011 08:53
So those that reported allegations of hazing via your website survey is truth? That is questionable as anyone could submit whatever they wanted. The truth needs no defense, correct. But who determines the truth? I could be a disgrunted rejected student or a member of a different organization that wants to throw another under the bus. I have no problem with you reporting the truth no matter how ugly it is...but make sure its the truth.
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