Author: Famuan EIC


Saturday in Photos:09/13/2014

Tallahassee residents sought out hair care advice, learned about Latin culture and took a trip through the Caribbean and South America in three separate events on Saturday. Check back soon for full stories on the Third Annual Natural Health and Hair Expo, Tally Fiesta 2014 and the annual African-Caribbean Concert […]


City launches DRVN 850

City officials launched a new drivers’ awareness campaign Tuesday to coincide with new features that are being added to Tallahassee roads. DRVN 850 teaches residents to use back-in angle parking spaces, roundabouts, mid-block pedestrian crossing signals and bike boxes. Mayor John Marks walked alongside nearly one dozen kindergarteners as they […]


Spring is the most stressful semester

Cramming for tests, studying late at night, doing group projects and turning in assignments before it's too late are signs of the end of spring semester. For the past three years, the spring has repeatedly been the most stressful semester for me. Applying for scholarships, waiting on internship interviews, debating […]


Binge drinking detrimental to student health

Courtesy of MGN Online Though many students enjoy social drinking, there are many risks and factors that may be associated with drinking in excess. In 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 90 percent of the alcohol consumed by people under the age of 21 in the U.S. […]


Faculty senate members question BOT chair’s decision

The abrupt halt of Florida A&M’s search for a university president, called by board of trustees Chairman Solomon Badger III on March 15, has spawned controversy. Narayan Persaud, who was unanimously voted to serve a second term as Faculty Senate President on March 19 committee member, seems to have an […]