Author: Branielle Edmonds | Staff Reporter


Look to Lucilla for your next brunch spot

As we transform from college students to professionals, our nightlife goes through its own metamorphosis. From staying out late in the club to light Sunday brunches, Lucilla is the new spot to be. Located at 1241 E Lafayette St., Lucilla’s location would be straight out of a storybook with the […]


HBCU inspired magazine creates opportunities for students

Stephanie Tharpe, founder of the Millennial Maverick Magazine. Photo submitted by Stephanie Tharpe  Millennials in today’s era are pushing more for their voices to be heard, especially at historically Black colleges & universities (HBCU). Stephanie Tharpe, the founder of the Millennial Maverick Magazine, wants to give HBCU college students the opportunity […]


Community applauds relocation of historic black barbershop

Cicero Hartsfield, one-time resident of Smokey Hollow, cuts the ceremonial ribbon. Photo credit: Tajae Jones    The historic Raleigh Powell Barbershop is finally enjoying some familiar company. The barbershop, a landmark in the former Smokey Hollow neighborhood, formally joined the tribute to the one-time black neighborhood in Cascades Park. The […]


Spotlight on men and mental health

Mental health problems affect both men and women, but not in equal measure. One out of every four men are affected by mental health problems or illnesses, according to study done by World Health Organization. Which is why FAMU decided to put men’s mental health in the spotlight last Wednesday. […]


Good for the soul, bad for your health

Photo credit: Sydne Vigille My father went into surgery today. It was a simple procedure to determine whether or not my father’s arteries are still clogged. A procedure that preps for four hours and takes less than half an hour to execute. In April 2017 my dad, Kevin Dysard, had […]


“Baby Time” is a crucial need for babies

Families enjoy Baby Time at Lake Jackson library  The Lake Jackson library hosted its weekly Baby Time on Friday, inviting children three years old and younger to enjoy simple songs, stories and rhymes in honor of Dr. Seuss.. As a first-time mother who is also a full-time college student, juggling […]


What ever happened to house parties?

On any given weekend when you are in need of something to do, there’s no doubt you will be able to spot a variety of club flyers on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and especially GroupMe.  However, these used to not be the only flyers that would clutter any given timeline. It can […]


Infidelity: More accepted than ever before

Just how common is cheating, really?  According to, a 2016 poll revealed that 57percent of men and 54 percent of womenadmitted to committing infidelity in any relationship they’ve had. That’s more them half. Let’s just let that sink in.  When it comes to monogamy in today’s society the question of […]