Author: Jasmine Butler | Copy Desk Editor


Florida aims to crack down on vaccine scammers

As COVID-19 cases continue to surge in Florida, so have scammers. Cyber-scammers have offered Florida’s seniors a COVID-19 vaccine appointment in exchange for personal information and a fee. Since the  COVID-19 vaccine has been dispersed, Florida’s vaccine distribution strategy has continued to evolve, prompting scammers to be on the lookout […]


New group, new sound, N’deci$iv

They’re two artists with two different sounds, but together–– they are one group. In less than 10 months, a local group was able to gain over 26,000 listeners and 30,000 streams. How did they do it? Darnell Zachery, a 23-year-old from Detroit, Michigan, and Christopher Aviles, a 23-year-old Miami native, […]


Recreation center pleas for funding to stay open

The first meeting held by the Florida A&M University Student Government Association this year was this Wednesday via Zoom. During the Lobbying and Speakers Forum, the Hansel Tookes Recreation Center requested over $30,000 in order to cover Other Personal Services and groundskeeping expenses. Assistant Director of Programs, George Heimbach, was […]


FAMU to begin administering vaccines, this week

As part of its campaign to combat the spread of COVID-19, Florida A&M University received doses of the coronavirus vaccine on Wednesday, Jan 20. Through a partnership with the Leon County Health Department, FAMU’s Student Health Services received the vaccine allotment. The partnership provides the county an opportunity to expand […]


Local food banks fill a very real need

The coronavirus pandemic has caused considerable hardships for many people in America. With the biggest economic recession since the Great Depression, a lot of families have not been able to afford to buy groceries or clothes. Food banks in Tallahassee have offered these essentials to the homeless and families in […]


Banning Parler creates a slippery slope

Imagine not being able to log into your Twitter account one day, not because you forgot the password, but because it has been deleted from the internet without a trace. That’s what happened to the free speech social media app, Parler. Gov. DeSantis on Jan. 14, at a legislative policy […]


Discussion focuses on racial injustices

Last year, Tallahassee witnessed numerous demonstrations based on the right to peacefully assemble due to the unruly pattern of police brutality. On Wednesday, Serenity Coffee and Kava Bar on Railroad Avenue hosted an open discussion about how the community can continue the progression of fighting the racial injustices that Black […]