Author: Tazjhani Baker | Staff Writer


Are FAMU students hypocrites?

  Florida State University has been catching backlash from a viral video showing them partying in a crowd with no masks. A lot of the slander came via Florida A&M students, which led to the question: Are FAMU students hypocrites? If there is one thing FAMU is known for, it […]


Big corps, leave us alone

Guilt-tripping is a powerful tactic. Oftentimes in abusive relationships, the perpetrator will deceive the victim into believing they’re at fault. The public is in an abusive relationship with big corporations, and it’s time they stop guilt-tripping us. Most people have heard the phrase “carbon footprint,” in conversations on climate change […]


A Rattler’s guide to parks in Tallahassee

With campuses reopening for the fall semester, and the closing of night clubs and bars due to COVID-19, college students are looking for new places to socialize, while also being mindful of the COVID-19 health precautions. Although Tallahassee is known for being a ‘college town’ with an extensive nightlife, Tallahassee […]


Some beauty standards are dangerous and damaging

Beauty standards have been around since the beginning of time. From pale faces and powdered wigs to corsets and rib removing, many have gone to extreme lengths to achieve a certain look or status. At the same time, toxic chemicals, botched surgeries, and deathly fashion have affected women tremendously, though […]


Nursing student starts skincare line

Third-year nursing student Sarene Morgan decided to create a solution for people struggling with bad acne. Her recently launched skincare line, Bare Radiance Skin, was inspired by her own personal struggles with acne. “I always had issues with my skin and a lot of the solutions the dermatologist prescribed only […]


City OKs police review board despite public skepticism

Tallahassee city commissioners voted unanimously on Wednesday to create a citizens’ police review board. Ordinance No. 20-O-31 had been introduced Sept. 9 to form a citizens’ police review board and the decision was made to hold a public hearing on the issue. According to City Attorney Cassandra Jackson, the ordinance […]


These two Rattlers grind, and succeed

On FAMU’s campus, student businesses are as common as J-Bird sightings — around every corner and seen all over social media. With the pandemic bestowing most people with extra time on their hands, it seems like everyone and their mother is selling something. Jayah McCoggle and Ellen Warrick, the minds […]


Dating in college can be dicey

Doesn’t dating in college sound amazing? Studying, going out and maneuvering around campus with your loved one. Well, guess again. Dating in college adds many struggles that couples in the adult world do not have to go through. According to a 2011 survey, 28% of graduates met their spouses in […]