Author: Arjani Claitt | Staff writer


Beach closures alter spring break plans for some

FORT LAUDERDALE — The coronavirus pandemic took a toll on South Florida beaches, especially for the Millennialand Gen Z crowds who traveled to the Sunshine State for spring break. South Florida is a hot spot for spring breakers. According to Exploring in Florida, spring break is Florida’s biggest source of […]


Classism exposed for what it really is

Classism as we all know it has withheld a lot of opportunities from regular, American citizens. Recently the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has given citizens exposure to what classism really represents and who it aims to benefit—the rich. The elites of the United States (celebrities, government officials, etc.) have […]


Hustle culture and its toxicity

In the midst of our new “normal state” of quarantine, many people have taken the initiative to engulf themselves in developing new business ideas, excessive exercising and working on “getting to the bag.” While this deserves celebration to a certain degree, what about the other percentage of the world that […]


Kiara Nixon, an alumna who defied the odds

Kiara Nixon isn’t one to flaunt her accolades. Instead, the Florida A&M University graduate chooses to lead by example. A product of FAMU’s School of Journalism and Graphic Communication, Nixon’s resume includes her role as a public servant in the realm of government and policy, her community service efforts to […]


COVID-19 reveals the digital divide

The pandemic known as COVID-19 has upended the lives of millions in a variety of ways, but one overlooked consequence of the coronavirus has been the reveal of the digital divide between certain students when it comes to their academic success. Florida A&M University, like many other institutions, opted to […]