Ready or not, students prepare for move-out day

Photo courtesy: FAMU Housing

As the spring 2023 semester comes to a close, students and housing staff at Florida A&M University are preparing for move-out. According to the university’s residence hall closing letter, all dorms will close at midnight on Sunday, May 7.

However, students registered for summer A or C will be allowed to stay in their current residence until their new rooms are ready at 9 a.m. on Thursday, May 11. Summer students must be checked out by 5 p.m.

Students are encouraged to make sure their rooms are cleaned with all personal items removed and return their room keys to avoid fines.

Cydni Dariso, a second-year FAMU student, said that even with the informational closing meeting being held, she has unanswered questions.

“We haven’t been getting one-on-one questions like ‘Do you have everything you need for move-out?’” she said. “Like I don’t know where to get boxes from.”

On another note, Dariso feels as if her summer move-in process will go smoothly.

“I feel like if they put me in the same building then it shouldn’t be that hard,” she said. “We have the buckets and everything downstairs.”

Viola White, a senior resident assistant, talks about the housing procedures taking place the week before the official move-out week.

“We have to review the move-out process with our building staff, set up the lobby and front desk areas,” she said.

In addition to these procedures, they have to check and organize files, check rooms and their keys.

White, as an out of state student, is forced to move all of her belongings out on her own like so many other out of state students.

From the perspective of a resident assistant, White says that she’s “definitely ready” as move out is one of her favorite parts of being an RA.

However, as a student, she feels that she isn’t fully ready yet.

“I haven’t even started packing, I’m not even done with all my classes.”

Next week, students will move out of their respective residence halls. RAs and other staff will be there to assist with the process, according to the university.