Photo shoots go hand-in-hand with graduation

Grad sitting – Photo courtesy: Shots By Stapleton

Grad season is a time of celebration, achievement and reflection. As FAMU graduates prepare to take their next steps in life, capturing these special moments with stunning graduation photos is vital.

This spring, we’re seeing a rise in trends that emphasize natural lighting, vibrant colors and unique backdrops for studio shoots.

One trend that has gained popularity is the use of plants. Whether petals are placed intricately in the frame or using the greenery around the eternal flame, this trend adds a touch of elegance and beauty to any photo.

Another trend that has become popular is incorporating the graduate’s major or career aspirations into the photo shoot.

For example, if a student is graduating with a degree in nursing, they may choose to incorporate a stethoscope or medical equipment into their photos. This adds a personal touch to the images and serves as a reminder of the hard work and dedication that went into earning their degree.

Regarding capturing the perfect FAMU grad season photos, two businesses stand out; Stretch Life Visuals and Shots By Stapleton.

Grad sitting – Photo courtesy: Shots By Stapleton

Stretch Life Visuals, owned by Nick Jonas, is known for capturing candid moments and bringing out unexpected, flattering angles of his clients. Jonas also gives advice to upcoming creators through Reels on his personal Instagram page.

“If you’re continuously giving discounts every week or month, nobody is going to take your brand seriously. Every now and then when you’re first starting out is fine, but later it’s time to stick to what you’re worth. It’s difficult when first starting, but consistency and professionalism will grow your business,” said Jonas.

Shots By Stapleton, owned by Christina Stapleton, is a master of composition and lighting. Her photos are bold, vibrant and full of life, capturing the energy and excitement of the moment. She has a talent for bringing out her subjects’ personalities and making them feel comfortable in front of the camera.

“As a female who was once a model, I empathize with the discomfort that can come with a photo shoot. I strive to make my clients feel at ease by incorporating elements like music, asking for permission before adjusting their appearance, and showing them the photos as we go along,” said Stapleton.

Spring is the perfect season to capture life’s most cherished moments, and the latest photography trends accentuate the beauty of vivid hues and creative settings. With these trends in mind, FAMU graduates can trust their photos will be truly captivating and unforgettable.