Yancey finds his footing at FAMU

TYB Entertainment logo courtesy:Xavier Yancey

With two large universities in one mid-size city, Florida A&M University and Florida State, there’s no
question as to why many consider Tallahassee a party city.

College parties that students attend throughout the week are held by party promoters from the
local community. They are also hosted by full-time students who attend both schools,
separated only by train tracks.

Xavier Yancey, a third-year sports physical therapy student at FAMU from Jacksonville, said he
feels a sense of enjoyment and relaxation when hosting events.

“I started TYB Entertainment with a team of other students. I wanted to put myself on a
platform that will hold my responsibilities of putting a smile on other people’s faces. TYB is like
a stress reliever for me,” Yancey said.

“I was nervous about people not coming at first or respecting that I would be hosting an event,
but so far it has been great turnouts and I enjoy observing and watching everyone have fun.”

TYB Entertainment recently hosted a fundraiser where they sold food such as chicken wings,
mac and cheese, baked beans and more.

Yancey hosts social events, but also gives back to his community through service.

“I worked within the FAMU Federal Farm Bureau. I also participated in many clean-ups with
College Democrats and protested at the Capitol for women’s abortion rights and HB 1099,”
Yancey said.

“I think it is important to serve my community to connect me with people and make positive
impacts. It helps change my perspective on life as well as providing a natural sense of
accomplishment knowing that I am doing this for the betterment of others.”

Jaylin Alleyne, a third-year public-relations student from Waldorf Maryland, met Yancey in
Villages during their freshman year. Alleyne said Yancey is finding his path at FAMU.

“When I first met him, he was a little bit reserved, but now he tends to be around more people
and more social. He is very accommodating to people he meets and just wants to do good,”
Alleyne said.

“He could be challenged a little more, but I think he is in the right direction and the right
environment to do so. His events are fun and can appeal to different crowds, which allows
people to feel him out.”

Yancey joined the organization the Sankofa Kinship of Big Brother Little Brother Mentoring Program, which forced him
outside his comfort zone.

While mentoring, he also gained a business partner. DeVonn Lewis, a third-year broadcast
journalism student from West Palm Beach, was inducted into BBLB during the 2022 fall
semester alongside Yancey. Lewis said Yancey is a perfectionist.

“His work ethic is similar to mine, which is why I am comfortable bouncing ideas with him. We
like to get stuff done, but we prefer quality over quantity. Xavier is versatile and knows how to
be behind the scenes, but also knows how to talk to people through his delivery and pitches.”
Lewis said.

“If it was not for him and the effort, he put into marketing for our Camo Party event we
recently had, we would not have had such a great turnout. He also gives back to his community
in other ways through service. He is on the community service committee in BBLB and is at
every service event.”

Yancey, alongside many other students at FAMU, enjoys being involved in campus activities, but
still partakes and hosts nightlife social events.