Ward eager to improve healthcare

Photo of Immani Ward courtesy: Ward

When passion meets purpose, anything is possible.

Immani Ward, a third-year health informatics and information management student at Florida A&M University, always knew growing up that she wanted to pursue a career in healthcare. Her desire to make an impact and be a part of change became her driving force.

Leading by example, Ward strives to be the change she wishes to see in the healthcare industry.

She serves as the FAMU chapter secretary of SHIIMA, an association founded with the purpose of bringing awareness to health informatics and educating people on what they do and how they help.

“We assist the pharmacist. We help everyone in every aspect of healthcare, and we want to make sure that people know how important our role is in healthcare,” Ward said. “Students who may be undecided in their school journey, there is more to it than just being a doctor or nurse.”

As a HIIM major, she has learned that a lot of indirect care happens behind the scenes, such as billing, reporting and making sure the patient gets the quality care they need.

Joining the association has helped Ward connect with her peers and build connections with other students on campus.

For Valentine’s Day, Ward was able to assist with hosting an event that her association launched called “Practice Safe Love.” This was an opportunity where she and her cohort got to visit dorms, spread awareness about safe sex, and hand out candy grahams along with condoms.

As a student, Ward has a lot on her plate, balancing school and her e-board position. Although her position will require more time management, her teammate believes she has the qualities needed to be successful in her position.

“Immani Ward is the epitome of what a student and board member should be. I have known Immani since fall 2022, and it is always a delight to work with her academically and now as an e-board member,” Drisana MooYoung said. “Since I have known Immani, she has demonstrated that she possesses grit, tenacity and a willingness to handle any challenge.”

Ward has left an everlasting impression on her sister, Imranda Ward, who also shared what she felt about Imani’s character.

“Immani is an individual who exemplifies hard work, reliability, determination, and integrity. I have watched Immani grow from her timid mannerisms into one who steps forth whenever help is needed,” Imranda said. “She’s intelligent in her decision-making skills and is passionate about her desires to work in healthcare.”

Ward says she is looking forward to a summer internship in Miami, and she can’t wait to take her upper-level courses upon returning in the fall.