SGA prepares for $3.1 million budget

Students’ fees go towards many things at FAMU. Photo courtesy: NBC News

With the end of the semester approaching, senate president Pro Temp Londe Mondelus and Organization and Finance chair Ahmad Kebe had one final task to complete before the last senate meeting.

The task marks the end of their terms as members of the student senate before Mondelus assumes her position as SGA President and Kebe resigns from student government altogether.

Mondelus and Kebe devoted additional time aside from their duties to craft the budget for the upcoming academic year. There was a slight increase in the projected amount of money SGA would receive from this current year. The two announced that the projected amount totaled $3.1 million.

During the senate meeting held April 10, the two addressed the members of the senate for about an hour, discussing the different amount of money allocated to various organizations and entities.

Fees paid for by students to Florida A&M (FAMU) go towards many things that help our school function as well as improve students’ experiences.

It’s important to note that student dollars go far here at FAMU.

While organizations have the opportunity to request as much money as they believe necessary, the senate ultimately, except for in special cases, has the final say in how much money gets allocated to whom.

FAMU Cheer requested an amount of $3,000 for each cheerleader to help cover various expenses. Instead, they were allocated $1,500 per athlete.

This was a recurring theme emphasized by Mondelus, who stated, “We had to weigh your needs and your wants and give more of what you needed rather than your wants.”

The President and Vice President received a $1000 pay increase from last year. Their OPS salary is now $8,000. Deputies within the executive branch received a salary increase of $500.

The salaries of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the associate justices were raised $1000 and $500 respectively. Total allocation for the Judicial Branch, including the salaries of the FAMU Law School Circuit Court Judge and Traffic Court Chief Justice was $31,020.

The Senate Pro Temp of the legislative branch received a $500 salary increase, while the $1000 was allocated for the senate secretary. $10,000 in total was allocated to this branch for the program, and the total allocated was $68,432.

The FAMU Child Development Center was allocated a total of $87,420 dollars. $45,000 was directly allocated for tuition subsidies for the students who utilize the daycare.

The FAMUAN, was allocated $5,400 for the school year. Journey Magazine, also a J-school media outlet, was given $7,050 for their events for their semester issue releases.

WAMN FM 90.5 was allocated a total of $42,879, including OPS salaries for two new operation manager positions at the station.

For production of homecoming concerts and shows for FAMU Homecoming 2023, the original cost was $80,000. Mondelus and Kebe were able to lower the cost to $40,000. When asked how, Mondelus stated, “We basically had to utilize our connections and get someone to pay for the other $40,000.” 

The Royal Court was allocated a total of $40,000.

Sen. Malachi Gibbs inquired about any stipulations to prevent the classes’ Campus Activities Board from using the majority of their budget during Welcome Week.

Mondelus: “The reason why Welcome Week took the bulk of the budget was because they had no money. And so, because they have money now, it shouldn’t be an issue.”

“We budgeted by program.” Kebe added.

The budget was voted on and passed on Monday.