Last Set Friday

Photo courtesy: Michael McCarty

Florida A&M University had its last Set Friday of the school year. As students gear up for finals week, the last Set Friday placed their nerves at ease.

Set Friday has become a tradition at FAMU, and many students and alums look forward to it every other week. Students gather at the Set from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. to browse the vendors, enjoy food, or socialize with peers.

It is a way for the FAMU community to come together, celebrate their culture and heritage, and enjoy the company of friends and family. Not only but also to see the beautiful campus Greeks stroll throughout Set.

This Set Friday was also FAMU’s “1887 Strikes” Day. 1887 Strikes Day is a day of giving that allows alums, students, faculty, staff, parents and families, and friends to come together to support FAMU for 1,887 minutes.

As the University started this event on April 20, they wanted the FAMUly and friends of FAMU to support the University with 1,887 total donors within “1,887” minutes to accomplish this goal.

Set Friday was an excellent opportunity to accomplish this goal as DJ Loosekid was on the microphone reminding to be a generous donor.

To put the icing on the last Set Friday, FAMU had Orange Blossom’s mascot Olley, who hung with the rattlers on the highest of seven hills. With the road to The Biggest HBCU Reunion, the Orange Blossom Classic Game takes place Labor Day weekend FAMU had to give Olley an official rattler experience at Set Friday.

Mariah Dixon, a FAMU student, was delighted with how her last Set Friday ended.  

“I have much studying to do next week for finals week, so I was thrilled with excitement on getting to soak in some fun,” Dixon said. 

“Set Friday will always be my favorite time after a long week of school.”

The last Set Friday had many people in attendance gathered around the Amphitheater. As the music played, different fraternities and sororities strolled lemonade trucks, and vendors were out for people to check out. 

Austin St. Paul, a Tallahassee resident, came out to the last Set and got an overwhelming experience.

“I usually come to set to catch a good vibe, but this one just had a lot going on,” St. Paul said.

“The way they had every event cater to one day was just too overwhelming.”

Students saw, heard, and danced to different songs in front of Florida A&M University’s president, Dr. Larry Robinson.

While the Set has moved to a new location around the Amphitheater, it is more of an open space, so students do not have to feel clustered on each other.

Stephanie Williams, a first-year scholar, gave her thoughts on the last Set Friday.

“This school year went by fast. The Set is now every other week. I think that made it go by faster,” Williams said.

“This last Set, though, definitely was jumping. I am glad to see everyone come out as a FAMU unity.”

 Nevertheless, as the last Set Friday is in the books, next school year, hopes are high for even better and more improved Set Fridays.