Study tips for finals: A guide to success

The time for finals has come
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As the parking lots become less crowded and students are rejoining “Club Coleman,” one can
only see that the spring semester of 2023 is finally coming to an end. While this is a relief to all,
there are still final exams that many students are preparing to take. We have all heard the classic
sayings like “make sure you’re getting enough sleep,” and “study all the way up until the exam,”
but realistically, most of us know this is merely impossible.

The first step to ensuring success is to plan ahead. Although this may be difficult when there are
other classes that need attention, reviewing material weeks or even months in advance has been
proven helpful to students.

According to Jessie Schwab, a psychologist and preceptor at the Harvard College Writing
Program, planning ahead and finding support along the way are essential to your success in

“Oftentimes, students are used to less intensive workloads in high school, so one of my biggest
pieces of advice is don’t cram,” Schwab said. “Set yourself a study schedule ahead of time and
stick to it.”

Kynadi Harris is a fourth year public relations student at FAMU, and says she likes to study
with classmates to stay focused.

“I find it easier for me to go to the library and meet up with some classmates so I don’t get
distracted,” Harris said. “I am very antsy when it comes to exams, but I try to focus on reading
the questions very carefully.”

Schwab also suggested that setting specific goals while studying creates realistic, measurable and
satisfactory results. “It’s important that your goals be realistic so you don’t get discouraged,”
Schwab said. “Plan to study a certain number of hours or raise your exam score by a certain
percent to give you a measurable benchmark.”

It is important to note that FAMU offers several study locations for students to use. According to
FAMU’s website, the goal for the learning centers are to create a dialogue between students to
help them navigate their educational foundation and build on their academic strengths. Students
should take advantage of individual study sessions or group study sessions based on preference.

These tips are guaranteed to ensure student success during finals season. The most important
things to remember is to set attainable study goals, reach out to classmates and take advantage of
study sessions in order to receive better exam outcomes.