Art festival takes over downtown

Community attends the LeMoyne’s Chain of Parks Art Festival in Downtown Tallahassee
Photo Creds: Kinnedi Bonne

The LeMoyne Chain of Parks Annual Art Festival is celebrating its 23 rd year in downtown
Tallahassee. The Saturday-Sunday festival consists of 3-D art, food trucks, live music
by RAA Middle School steel drummers and others, “Going Green” organizations and art
vendors from all over Florida.

There also is a place for children to be face painted and a reenactment of Jacques
LeMoyne’s voyage from England to Florida painting everything he saw.

One of the most important parts of the festival is the competition of fine-art artists. Fine-
art artist set up tents to display their work and judges come around ranking them in the
different categories of the competition. The winner receives a prize, and the
organization celebrates them with first-place flags. The Fine Arts and Design Festival is
ranked No. 1 in the state of Florida and No. 7 in the nation.

LeMoyne’s Chain of Parks Art Festival
Photo Creds: Kinnedi Bonne

“My husband started making his woodwork back in 1984 in Vera Beach and I started
helping with the marketing. When Hurricane Irma hit, we decided to go to the keys, and
we found all these different types of trees we could recycle. The main purpose of our
business Wood Duflo is to reuse something and make it into something useful or what
we call repurposing. We have created kitchen utensils such as spoons, knifes, cutting
boards, bowls and boards to sit your plants on,” said Roz Duflo, who continues to
support her husband Mike.

The Village is another dynamic part of the festival. Children’s Pop-Up Studios offer art
projects for them to make while experiencing a wide range of art media that reflect the
participating artist in the park.

There is also a section where you can talk to volunteers about the festival, buy
brochures, t-shirts, coasters and many more souvenirs. They have creative and fun
bags for visitors to use to buy the art as well.

“I’ve been working with the festival since 2007 and I love it. We started off with about
50-75 artists and the festival has continued to grow. Now we have 150 artists. It is a
wonderful and highly appreciated festival, and it is so nice to have it right here in
Tallahassee,” said the Festival chair, Kelly Dozier.

The organization is hopeful to continue growing in the upcoming years. You can visit
and learn more information about the chain of parks and the Lemoyne Fine Arts Festival
on tits website at Home – Chain of Parks .