Rogers advocates for sexual assault survivors

Photo of Brianna Rogers courtesy: Rogers

Brianna Rogers, a former Florida A&M University student, is both a sexual assault survivor and business owner whose experience pushed her to become an advocate for other women.

In 2020, Rogers was sexually assaulted. The ordeal left her shaken to the point that she had to start the process of attending counseling.

From that moment, she decided that she had to find a solution to prevent this from happening to other women.

Nearly two weeks following her assault, she launched her own self-defense accessory company, BriSafe. This became an opportunity to take her pain and shift it into a purpose-driven mission.

“I literally never wanted anybody to feel how I felt or go through what I went through,” Rogers said. “I always felt like if I would have had something on me, maybe I would have been able to protect myself.”

Her accessory line began with self-defense keychains with undetectable items, including stun guns, knives, glass breakers, pepper spray, whistles and more.

Over half of all women and almost 1 in 3 men have experienced sexual violence involving physical contact during their lifetimes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Since launching her business, Rogers has made it her duty to continue educating women and men on sexual assault. She hosts self-defense seminars and classes to spread awareness in Tallahassee.

Rogers has also found joy in being able to work closely with the FAMU Victim Advocacy Program. It allows her the opportunity to enlighten students about dating, self-defense and the importance of consent.

She encourages women to embrace themselves at all times and have confidence in protecting themselves.

Rogers has left a lasting impression on her friends, Justice Barrington and Kayla Meadows, who shared what they felt about Rogers’ character.

“Brianna Rogers is incredible. I met her when I came to Tallahassee for work. I didn’t know anyone in the business or entrepreneur world, and she came up to me with open arms. She’s very outspoken; she’s great in the community; she’s brave; she’s inspiring,” Barrington said.

“Bri is everywhere! When I started going to events, she would always make everyone feel like her best friend showed up. Her work ethic and passion for her product and people amazes me,” Meadows said. “I love that she made being safe so cool. I love when I get to collab with her, and I’m so proud to call her a friend.”