Prices at the pump are back up

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Have you caught yourself passing by any gas stations today wondering why the gas prices are rising back up to $3.55 a gallon? Are you worried that prices could potentially find their way back to $4 a gallon?

You aren’t the only one. Citizens around the Sunshine State are trying to figure out the answer to the same question.

According to the AAA, regular gas prices are beginning to spike all throughout the country yet again, specifically in Florida. As of right now, gas in Florida is at a high of $3.59 per gallon with a national gas price average of $3.60 a gallon all around the states.

This is just less than five gallons away from gas stations returning to $4 per gallon.

Unfortunately for mid, premium and diesel users, prices have already surpassed the $4 mark and are quickly making their way towards $5.

Mobile truck driver Stanley Watts says he hopes the spike in gas prices is just temporary.

“I’m trying to convince myself just a little bit that this isn’t going to start happening again, you know,” Watts said. “I would hate to have to deal with more outrageous prices especially when it comes to gas because this actually pertains to my job and sometimes it’s just the little things like standing out here at the pump longer and making more stops. It’s just a lot.”

This past summer college students took a huge hit enduring the high gas prices, and many are concerned that they will have to prepare for the change all over again.

FSU engineering student Nicolas Collie is concerned that this summer will be like the summer before when it comes to gas prices.

“Trying to maintain $4.50 a gallon was probably one of the most expensive summers I had in Tallahassee,” Collie said. “I found myself only going to work and home because it just wasn’t doable, it almost felt like $10 was only filling up less than half of my gas tank.”

With the bills being reviewed and passed during the regular legislative session, many are wondering if gas taxes will go up or down or if the prices remain the same for the time being.

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