Is home the next stop after graduation?

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Walking across the Lawson Center stage to receive a degree from your university is a goal for the majority of college students. This is a time for celebration among family and peers because you’re finally ready to embark on the next chapter of your life.

This milestone is short lived for many because a new direction in life also comes with new challenges.

Post-graduate lifestyle can also be scary. Stepping into that next stage in life with many new challenges to face can be a whole new frontier.

You are now going to have to figure how you’re going to make your way into your prospective career along with figuring out how you’re going to support yourself. One of these challenges is likely to be housing.

Most graduates dread moving back in with family because they feel as though they won’t have the same freedom while others see it as an opportunity to save money while they get their footing in the real world.

“I feel like everyone should choose whatever path best suits them and not focus on what another individual chooses to do,” said Robyn Farrington, a graduating nursing student at FAMU. “Graduation can be an overwhelming experience and planning can help make sure that everything goes smoothly.”

When you arrive at college it can be a major adjustment as you are beginning to find your true self away from home. During your short collegiate career you have many experiences that shape you into the person you are today.

One of the biggest concerns most people have concerning moving back in with their parents is being able to maintain the same lifestyle that they developed in college and merging it with the environment back home.

“I do believe that living by yourself comes with a different type of freedom that doesn’t come with living with parents. There would be several minor differences that could possibly add up and become overwhelming,” Farrington said.

With this in mind some parents have become more lenient with returning college students, providing them with perks should they decide to come back home and live with them.

“I would be able to save money by moving in with my parents and it would be an extremely convenient option,” said Tia Burgess, a graduating pre-physical therapy student. “Lower rent, no more missing out on family milestones, and ability to network in a bigger city would be a couple of benefits of going back.”