FAMU NAACP initiates new members

Event flyer courtesy: @famunaacp

The FAMU chapter of NAACP is a prominent organization on campus and in the Tallahassee community. A driving force behind its success is the continuous addition of new members each semester.

New members from the fall 2022 and spring 2023 semesters gathered Friday in the Rattlers Den to take part in a new membership ceremony that despite being shut down early by university staff, included karaoke.

Newly appointed members filled the seats and were eager to take part in the evening’s events. Executive board members lined up on stage and promptly to charge.

First Vice President Alexis Dumerjean began the event with words of appreciation.

“The impact you all have had in making our chapter stronger and its presence well known in Tallahassee is something I am beyond grateful for,” Dumerjean said.

The economic development chair, Ivan Hopkins, touched on the accomplishments of the new members and their contributions to the chapter.

“This past year we have gained over a hundred members and everyone’s commitment to the betterment of this chapter is apparent,” Hopkins said. “Members have rallied at the Capitol, participated in countless marches, and dedicated many hours to community service, including picking up trash on campus in the pouring rain.”

Following the words of appreciation from e-board members, certificates were distributed to attendees. Each certificate included the members’ names as well as the semester they became active.

Fall 2022 member and transfer student Jalen Mason found the ceremony “personable.”

“At my old school, the NAACP chapter did not provide a sense of family or genuine unity like this one. The ceremony and the karaoke were a true reflection of how we handle business while also coming together and having a great time,” Mason said.

Students enjoyed performing karaoke on stage while being cheered on by the crowd. The assistant treasurer, Jaedan Patterson, helped regulate the order of those participating in karaoke.

“Everybody coming together and doing karaoke was very entertaining,” she said. “Even those who are normally shy came out of their shell due to everyone being so encouraging and inclusive.”

However, the karaoke portion of the event was cut short due to issues with the location of the event. FAMU staff ordered the students to evacuate the space and stayed present until the room was vacant. Members were encouraged to keep an eye out for future events upon departure.