The switch up is crazy

Photo courtesy of Tatyanna McCray

Celebrity circles, glamor, Hollywood, and reverence prestige are all a part of the everyday norm for celebrities, but what happens when it all comes crashing down? Most celebrities or public figures who live their lives on the world’s stage for all of society to see are not strangers to controversy; some are just more prevalent to it than others. 

In recent years, cancel culture has grown as the doctrine of political correctness has grown stronger within society. Lines have become blurred in terms of what is “appropriate” when it comes to decorum and moral stature. The argument that typically arises is “times are changing” as a form of protest of protection for the current state of the masses nationwide, especially regarding opinions regarding today’s celebrities.  

“Celebrities are often viewed as larger-than-life figures with perfect lives, which I believe can create illusions,” said fourth-year broadcast journalism student Michael McCarty.

There was once a time when celebrities had mystical energy, where they shared their talents with the world and only small previews of their inner world. Of course, this was pre-social media, pre-2010, and pre-internet sensation galore, which is now prevalent these days as literally, anyone can become famous. 

Now, things are vastly different, and with just a few clicks, you can find an enormous amount of information about the celebs you love the most or otherwise. Now that there is a heightened sense of the true meaning of “celebrity,” the actions and mannerisms of many are studied religiously.  

Furthermore, presenting the probing question that’s been discussed a million times over, “should celebrities go back to having a sense of privacy and keep certain aspects of their lives hidden?” The old school way of a celebrity baring their all was tell-all biographies, where they were able to monetize by spilling their own tea and throwing in a few inspirational life quotes along the way as they bowed out gracefully for their final curtain call as a celebrity. In contrast, now it seems all your favorite celebrity triumphs and defeats are front page and free! 

Senior psychology major Latia Saunders said, “We shouldn’t judge celebrities from the outside looking in because you truly never know what other people may be going through.”  

A person that was once labeled as a fan is now known as a “stan,” a person, or people who are superfans, or a deeply devoted and loyal fanbase of their admired celebrity—alluding to the famous music video for “Stan” by Eminem, released in 2000. However, even with stardom, strong fan bases, and widespread appeal, no celebrity has been able to escape the inevitable chopping block. Some offenses, such as tragic fashion phases and substance abuse, have been forgiven more than others, including bad habits, assault, and discrimination. 

Lately, another issue that has arisen is gender bias; it’s been argued continuously that men celebrities tend to have more freedom and opportunity to get away with bad, sometimes even unspeakable acts, unlike celebrity women. This bias runs so deep that even with their star status, celebrity women still deal with double standards, sexism, and typical peanut gallery commenters. The obvious double standard has been shown to be true. Many beloved Hollywood bad boys have shocked plenty worldwide through their behavior and beliefs. Still, their fan bases have stood beside them, unwavering.  

Psychology major Junior Taylor Seymour stated, “At times, I think people allow celebrities to influence their lives, not realizing that they have access to unattainable things for the average person and aren’t viewed the same way as the average everyday person.” 

Although celebrities live their lives front and center and are held in great esteem, they are still human, just like you and me. Their humble humanity leaves room for trial and error. Still, subsequently, personal values and ideologies come into play when deciding who and what to support and, most importantly, why to support. It’s like the old saying, “if it doesn’t apply let it fly.” If any celebrity doesn’t align with you or your values, find one to support that does. That way, it’s easier to connect with your favorite celebrity based on your sincere support of their endeavors and disconnect in a self-respecting manner, avoiding being whirl winded by the latest saga of debauchery.