Women gather to discuss wellness

Photo courtesy of Richana Johnson

On Thursday, March 23, women of all ages gathered on the campus of Florida A&M University to discuss health and wellness. ‘Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories Thriving in Wellness’ is an annual event that encourages women to invest in their overall wellness.

MHA director, Tanya Tatum says the goal of the event was to inform. “We really want to engage women in learning how to take care of themselves, how to take time out, how to rejuvenate really just be their best selves so we just want to make sure they have information resources that can do that.”

The celebration started with opening remarks from the dean of the College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities Valencia E. Matthews encouraged those in attendance to immerse themselves in the resources and activities available.

“We’re excited to have each of you here with us this morning and so for the rest of the day we have a number of activities you can participate in,” said Matthews

Taking in the celebratory occasion, Lady Robison shared at the podium while looking around at the group of women present the proudness she felt at seeing women coming together in support of one another.

“We want to take this time to tell the story, allow you to see all the resources that are available to support women as they move through life trying to do well and to serve their family, friends and everyone that they work with,” said Robison “It’s so often that we spend so much of our time taking care of others that we tend to neglect taking care of ourselves.”

Replacing Lady Robison at the podium, Matthews closed out the speaking portion of the event with a few lasting remarks, opening the floor to yoga instructor and founder of Ceed Wellness, Cedrita Demus for a brief yoga session focused on breathing techniques.

A yogi herself, first-year Psychology student, Brianna Talsi said she enjoyed the brief yoga session and the overall event. Talsi came to the event not expecting anything but found herself pleased as the event continued.

“I enjoyed going around and talking to people in their different areas of expertise,” said Talsi.

Over 25 wellness vendors showed up, each providing wellness and health tips/resources. One particle vendor highlighted by Lady Robison in her remarks prior, The Sickle Cell Foundation Inc. provided women with free sickle cell testing.

Robison hopes if nothing else from the occasion women will remember the importance of taking care of themselves.